Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where are the Jobs, Mr. Boehner?

Back in December, when John Boehner was merely waiting to become Speaker of the House, he got a lot of press by asking, "Where are the jobs, Mr. Obama?" at virtually every interview.  Jobs, said the Republicans - the Democrats haven't been Putting This Country Back to Work.

OK, Mr. Boehner, you're Speaker of the House now, your party has been in the majority for a little over a month.  Where are the jobs?

The Republican House has spent most of its time whining about deficits (which their party helped create), and using that as an excuse to shred the safety net for the poor and unemployed.  They've also opened an all-out attack on women's rights, redefining rape, defunding Planned Parenthood - and the WIC program!  For shame! - and so on.  I regularly read the news accounts of what Congress is working on.  I see a lot of federal spending cuts that will eliminate federal jobs.  I haven't seen one single bill considered that would actually help put anybody back to work.

I'm willing to admit I may have missed something.  I don't read Congressional Quarterly.  I appeal to my readers:  what has the current Congress done that will help increase employment??

Where are the jobs, Mr. Boehner??