Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ms. Michael J??

I suppose nothing Michael Jackson does should surprise me any more. I'm certainly not surprised to see an AP report today saying that he's considering moving to the Persian Gulf, as a consultant on theme parks; after that trial he may feel, shall we say, a little uncomfortable here?

But what absolutely floors me is that he was photographed walking around Bahrain in an abaya! Why would he want to go to a Muslim country, where women are second class citizens, and dress like a woman?? But then, this is MJ, and who knows... He had 3 kids with him, and they were all wearing veils too, and I'm almost certain that isn't a cultural norm.

(NB: If Bahrain is one of the 2 or 3 Muslim countries that actually treats their womenfolk like human beings, I apologize for the reference; the fact that "conservative Bahraini women" - emphasis mine, and as opposed to less conservative Bahraini women - wear these robes implies it may be, but I didn't take the time to research it...)


  1. Emmarie, you would get a picture - the picture that was in the newspaper. It's peculiar but not actively awful.

    The only thing I can think about the theme park business is that his ranch, Neverland, is supposed to be sort of like a theme park...

  2. Anonymous7:27 AM

    He brings a$$et$ and celebrity interest, however off the wall, to one of the newer world playgrounds.

    Any attempt to place the template for what we understand to be relatively normal human psychology on Michael Jackson is an exercise in futility. He's an idealist ("Man in the Mirror") whose life overwhelmed him, for any number of reasons, and he was, like all of us, dealt his own particular hereditary codes.

    How bizarre can one human's life become? Apparently there are no limits. Bush as president is, for me, no less bizarre, and a lot more destructive. Michael Jackson is mostly just strange now, although if he really is using children for sex objects, he's also a criminal.