Monday, May 29, 2006

More joy from Global Warming

And the latest report from the National Academy of Sciences says that, as the level of carbon dioxide in the air grows, the poison ivy grows bigger and leafier (3 times the size, they said), and produces a more toxic version of urushiol - that's the stuff that makes you itch, in case you wondered.

They didn't mention poison oak, which is the version we get here in California, but I can't believe it reacts any differently...


  1. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Gonna have to have serious protection for running through the woods at Grouseland.

    I understand the mosquitos will wind up being measurable in hands, or something like that. Wee haaa!

    Anonymous David, who also believes cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, so I guess I'm doubly gullible.

  2. My husband is from Wisconsin, where they also have serious bug season. He tells a joke along the lines of: the hunter hears two mosquitos discussing whether to carry him off, or to eat him on the spot before the "big guys" come and take him away from them... Bugs the size of small commuter aircraft...