Monday, February 25, 2008

Barack Obama and the Turban of Doom

What IS all this flap about the photo of Barack Obama in a traditional African costume, on that visit he made to Kenya in 2006?? Everybody knows about that visit. Everybody knows, as Obama himself pointed out this morning, that when dignitaries of any kind visit countries that have a distinctive traditional dress, the local officials tend to give the dignitary a local outfit as a ceremonial present, and they expect him to put it on and pose for photos.

Apparently the Drudge Report started circulating a rumor that unnamed "Clinton staffers" were sending this photo around as a slam at Obama, citing an (unquoted) email. (No, I'm not going to give a link to the Drudge Report; I got this from an AP article, see the link above. If you want to read the Drudge Report you can Google it.)

Well, so what? Big fat hairy deal. Barack Obama did a photo op in Kenya, and the world is going to come to an end??

The person with a real grievance here is Hillary Clinton, because the accusation that her staff circulated this photo, to get some kind of an edge over Obama, just makes her look small minded and negative, and really really stupid. She may have thrown some negative lines, but she's not small minded and she certainly isn't stupid. Do you suppose Drudge was trying to bring Clinton down??


  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    When it comes to Matt Drudge, pick the sleaziest, slimiest, most despicable motive, and you'll probably still be letting him off easy.

    Anonymous David

  2. I wouldn't blame Hillary for being a little desperate.

    She's battling a phantom who came out of nowhere--a man almost without a history, without a portfolio--who's charmed the media and is being given a free pass to stardom (which he hasn't earned).

    Do I think Hillary would make a "great" President? Nah, but I'd be just as happy to have a first woman President as I'd be to have a first Black one. I'm not a Hillary fan, but I distrust her a lot less than BO. He may be wearing sheepskin, but what's underneath? No one seems to have a clue.

    As usual the choices aren't scintillating.

  3. NPR has been interviewing conservatives, all week, on the "know your enemy" principle no doubt; and this morning they had Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention. I don't agree with Mr. Land on many points, but he summed up the Democratic primary race as well as anyone I've heard. He said that he feels really sorry for Hillary Clinton running against Barack Obama, because she's trying to have a job interview, and he's on a date.

  4. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Read his books. People tend to remain who they have actually always been when they become president (or vp as uberpresident). There have been absolutely no surprises from either Bush (who had no meaningful political experience)or Cheney, nor were there from Clinton. What Obama did as a community organizer, what issues he championed in public life, and what his core values are, as put forth pretty candidly in his first book, which was re-published will tell you how he will behave as president.

    You gotta ask yourself at this point, do you want McCain or Obama, and do you find Republican or Democratic core values more appealing. The president represents a franchise, and some presidents have vision even larger than the franchise (best example is FDR and worst example is GWB).

    Pay attention also to who endorses whom, and why.

    Anonymous David