Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wotta Week

I just realized I haven't posted in 2 weeks. I have to get more control of things - I have this feeling that I'm overcommitted. In the last 3 weeks I've:
  • Finished up the National Hunger Study (my microscopic part in it).
  • Gone to a retirement lunch for an old friend from work (now he has even more time to send me weird YouTube links).
  • Helped the Oakland East Bay Symphony volunteers set up their forum on Race Relations in Art (and attended same - very interesting, showed clips from the 1936 Show Boat, with Paul Robeson singing Old Man River. If you've seen the happy Disney-style 1951 Show Boat, the 1936 movie would knock you straight off your chair. "Lift that bale" has a whole new meaning after seeing some of those shots.).
  • Spent 2 mornings stacking groceries at the local food bank warehouse.
  • Attended a board meeting for one of my nonprofits.
  • Attended a book signing party for an old friend.
  • Attended the annual convention for another nonprofit, and took photos of the events.
  • Sang at the dinner after the convention.
  • Identified, bought, configured and re-configured a new laptop for a nonprofit.
  • Spent hours on the phone negotiating nonprofit discounts for Microsoft Office licenses.
  • Attended one chorus rehearsal and 2 rehearsals with orchestra and soloists.
  • Sang in a concert performance of Show Boat, plus selected Jerome Kern pieces. Lovely concert, great soloists, great music.
Is that enough? I'm tired all over again just reading it.

This week was enlivened by computer failures. I had to give the photos I took at the convention to someone else, so I tried to burn them to a CD. Got a blue screen of death. Three times. Fortunately, two of those times also produced usable CDs. The system seems fine as long as I'm not burning copies of photos.

Then there's the new laptop. By the way, there are some great deals on Vista laptops out there if you're interested. Bought it, built it out, patched it, everything copacetic. Then we tried to install an ancient version of FileMaker Pro that we've been using (because it was paid for - this is a nonprofit). Couldn't install it; it's supposed to have an auto-play feature, but it wouldn't even run under 64-bit Vista. So I decided to switch to the computer admin user with the install CD still in the drive. The CD drive whirred loudly for a minute and the whole box died. No keyboard, no mouse, no touchpad. Dead. I turned it off, and tried to turn it on again, and it wouldn't come up. To make a long story short, I had to rebuild it from the recovery disk, which took another entire day. I'm really tired of rebuilding computers.

And somehow I still have to make up my mind how I'll vote, Tuesday, on those unspeakable California budget propositions. I don't like any of them very much; I'm in favor of a spending cap (since the Lege has all the spending discipline of a drunken rock star), but I object to using the State Constitution for budget management. I don't like the budget cuts and spending changes the propositions will make, but it's pretty clear that defeating them will cause even more budget cuts. I may never vote for another incumbent again given that the incumbents got us here.

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  1. Karen, your life sounds pretty interesting now-a-days. In both the good sense and the...Chinese sense of the word.

    But interesting times bring out the best in us I think.