Saturday, January 07, 2012

Be Careful What You Ask For

I've lost my nice template.  I tried one of Blogger's new templates just to see what it looked like - it looked crappy - and now I can't get my old template back because it doesn't fit in their "new" system.  Damn.  Watch this space.


  1. Aaaagh. I learned to be wary of that a while ago. I selected a "wide" version of a standard template a few years ago for both Another Monkey and NEPA Blogs. I decided to do some sprucing-up last year, starting with NEPA Blogs, and quickly discovered that there was no way of going back to a wide template. (I hadn't backed up the template before I started to monkey with it, as they recommended.)

    If you switch back to the "old" Blogger (using the gear symbol on the "new" Blogger dashboard) would you be able to shoehorn in the old template? I noticed that the html versions of posts are totally different depending on whether I'm looking in the "old" or "new" systems. (I was switched to "new" for a while, but switched back when I realized it's lacking some of the features of the "old" - like a "View Post" option after I've edited an older post to add updates or fix typos.

  2. Sometime when I get some time I'll use their new tools to make a new template. I'm just PO'd.

  3. I just visited after a period away.

    I'm with you--I like your old template much better. The narrow bar seems constricting. Oh well, wait another year or so and it will all probably chance again.

  4. Unfortunately, the old template is no longer available; another example of Google "improving" things for the users. You reminded me that I can adjust the widths in this one, which I just did, and it looks better. You're right, the narrow column is constricting. I also moved the tag cloud so it takes up all of the sidebar instead of half.

    If you think this is bad you should see their wonderful new "dynamic template," which makes it impossible to show anything except the posts. No blogroll, no archive list for finding things. I was annoyed that my blog "wasn't eligible" for it until I found out more about it.