Thursday, October 18, 2012


I'm getting really tired of listening to Mitt Romney complain that Obama hasn't told us what he plans to do if he's re-elected.  This from the man who:

  • Hasn't released his tax returns
  • Says "I know how to fix this country" and gives zero details
  • Plans to reduce the deficit by "cutting loopholes" and won't say which ones
His entire platform seems to be, "Trust me, I'm a businessman, I can make this work."

You know what?  I don't trust him.  Maybe it's the way he keeps lying.

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  1. My feeling has increasingly been--as I grow older--that people should vote their interest.

    The Republican strategy over the last half century or more has been to convince people to vote the interests of the rich, and big business.

    There may be a kind of intellectual heroism in voting for something which seems, or sounds, honorable, even if it hurts you to do it. Like protecting the interests of people whose interests are opposed to yours.

    For instance--if you're disabled and not likely ever again to be an active working member of society, your interest is in maintaining your lifelines to subsistence. If your interest is in preserving as much of your investment income as you can, you'll be against taxing your gains. These are obvious choices.

    In a democracy, the greatest number should prevail in elections. It's never that simple, but in the main, that's what governance is about--what the majority wants and needs. It votes its interest.

    But Republican dogma is based on convincing people to vote AGAINST their interest. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars were begun and prosecuted in order to line the pockets of war profiteers. That's not why we were told we were waging them, by an administration that claimed to be doing so "in our interest."

    The Republicans want to "save" Medicare and "save" Social Security. Horsefeathers. They want to eliminate both programs, and return our society to a time when there was no publicly underwritten insurance at all.

    How can they convince people to vote against their interest? Romney's whole platform is a tissue of lies and deception, designed to get people to vote in favor of policies which privilege the rich and the big corporations. It's as plain as the hairs in your nose.

    It isn't about trust, or belief. It's about what your interests are. I know one thing: Romney's constituency isn't my constituency, and I'm voting against him, and them. They've had it very good for a long time. Now it's our turn.