Thursday, November 26, 2015


I'm not going to list all the things I'm thankful for.  The list is too long, and some of it would sound awfully self satisfied.  Here are the ones I'll admit to:

I'm thankful I can walk.  I put a lot of work into walking again, after all the cartilage in my knees disappeared.  But today I can walk as far as I want.  You can never understand how important this ability is unless you've lost it and regained it.

I'm thankful I married Jim Ringland, and I'll just let it stand at that.

I'm thankful I still can sing, and do still sing with the Oakland Symphony Chorus.  It turns out that most of my really close friends sing with me there, and I'm thankful for them, too.

I'm thankful I managed to keep living in northern California.  There were times I was afraid I'd have to move to get a job, but it didn't happen.

I don't mean to say that life is perfect.  It isn't.  I won't go into the things I'd change if I could wave a wand and make it so.  But it's pretty good, on this beautiful (if chilly) Thanksgiving Day.


  1. It's always a good thing to take stock of the things we are grateful for, even when there are other things that aren't so great. Yes, life isn't ever perfect, but if we can find the time to focus on those things that make us smile (taking a good walk) or fill our soul (singing with the chorus) for example, each day can definitely be a good one, no?

  2. K:

    I'm thankful we ran into each other 46 years ago (smile).

  3. It's been an interesting conversation, hasn't it? (smile)