Monday, December 26, 2016

Now what?

I have nothing to say about The Election.  In fact, I have huge amounts to say, but most of it has been said already, by many other people.  I have nothing new to say.  But I'm afraid, and there is so little I can do.  I'm doing what I can - writing to Senators to object to his cabinet picks.  But I feel very small and helpless.

I'm most offended by Mr. Trump because he doesn't understand, and he doesn't care that he doesn't understand.  He just wants to shoot off his mouth and be cheered.  He's about to become the head of the most powerful country in the world - the commander in chief of the world's largest military, yet - and he can't be bothered to listen to the daily briefings because they're boring.  He said so; I'm not making a judgment.

More than Mr. Trump, I'm afraid of the Republican Congress.  With a rubber stamp in the White House, the hard right Republicans want to repeal Obamacare, privatize Social Security, gut Medicare and Medicaid, and God knows what they'll do to public housing.  I receive Social Security; I receive Medicare.  I'm really unhappy with all these projects, and I can't affect anything because I don't vote for those Congresscritters.  And if you think this Congress will approve a huge infrastructure project to bring back the good jobs Trump promised his supporters, you are delusional.  You're fooling yourself.  I'm beginning to think we really do need Congressional term limits, but it's impossible, because Congress would have to vote for them.

It's going to be a bleak 4 years.  The only option open to those of us who don't like the situation is to complain, complain, complain - organize, call, write, march. Silence is consent.

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  1. Whatever semi-sensible things Trump may have said to seduce the Red State voters was just whitewash for the underlying agenda.

    Yesterday, the Chronicle reported the new effort in Congress to derail regulatory enforcement--a blanket law that would gut environmental, labor and immigration statutes across the books. They had tried it twice before, and Obama had vetoed it twice. Now, with a another fake in the White House, they'll get it through. That is the meat and potatoes of Trump's actual effect. It's what the Republicans have wanted for a long time, and now have the means to do.

    We will see whether the result will be a dismantling of the economic gains of the Obama years.

    My guess is: Stock market crash in 2017, and a prolonged recession lasting at least three years. That will mean Trump's a one-term President, but what a price to pay to have "achieved" it.