Friday, March 20, 2020

Life While Sheltering in Place

So now we can't leave home except for "essential purposes," or to walk or run for exercise (as long as we stay 6 feet away from anyone we meet).  I love my house but sometimes I have to get out of it; today I took a long walk, up to the top of the canyon where I live.  I used to take this walk regularly, with a cane, when I was recovering from knee replacement surgery.  It's 3/4 of a mile one way and goes up about 200 feet in altitude; a good stiff walk.

I wondered what activity I'd see, walking up the canyon on a Friday afternoon when everyone is supposed to be at home.  Quite a bit, actually. 

I passed the elementary school, and there were some small kids (with parent attendants) riding skateboards down the slight slope of one of the driveways behind the school.  Riding, here, means "sitting on."

A little farther on, I passed the baseball diamond, where a man was pitching baseballs for his teen-aged son to hit.  Further on in the sports field was a family with a picnic, a couple of guys batting a tennis ball back and forth on the grass, a woman kicking a soccer ball with her small daughter, and a couple of small boys throwing frisbees.

The major action was at the 3 public tennis courts at the end of the school sports field.  Every court had an active game, and the practice wall at the side of the courts had 2 guys hitting balls.  I assume all the tennis buffs were here because the private club, further up the canyon, was closed for the duration, with all the other fitness facilities.

Farther up the canyon, I saw people walking dogs, people walking without dogs, bicyclists with kids on bicycles, bicyclists without kids.  There weren't many people, but I was definitely not the only one out.  I'm not sure why but it made me feel better.


  1. We went to park Wednesday, and were glad to see some, but not a lot, of people.

  2. Was on my own neighborhood walk this afternoon, and like you, Karen, saw lots of people out walking, running, biking, with or without their dogs, kids, significant others. Everyone trying their best to keep that 6 ft. distance from strangers and most everyone offering hellos, smiles or waves. Nice.

  3. Hi! Since I am out in the country it is very safe for me to walk. When I walk I see Elizabeth, the amazing pig, 4 cows with their two teenagers, and beautiful countryside! I love my small home on the Willamette, and am lucky to have 3 animals who are great fun! Jennifer and Lilli are close by, and all in the greater family (of course you included) are all home and safe! Laurie is going through chemo which is a double whammy, but she and Rob are obeying the strict rules! Loved your post! Thank you and take care. Cousin Marjorie