Friday, July 31, 2009

Pioneer Basin

My husband is about to go backpacking again, this time in the vicinity of Mammoth. In fact, he's going in at McGee Creek, then over McGee Pass, eventually to Big McGee Lake. (You think Mr. McGee lived around here??)

He was looking at all this on Google Earth last night and showed me an area called Pioneer Basin, a high-altitude valley in the eastern Sierra, which we both agreed was misnamed. The peaks surrounding this basin are: Mount Crocker. Mount Hopkins. Mount Huntington. Mount Stanford. The obvious name for this valley is Robber Baron Basin, although Railroad Cartel Valley might do.


  1. Now, now, be nice. Those men helped build California!

    What's going to be named for Schwarzenegger, now that he's tearing it down?

  2. Well, they already decided it was unsuitable to name a sewage treatment plant after Dubya, so I guess that's out. How about a garbage dump?

  3. Jack London Square.

    Crocker Plaza.

    It's the war of the memorials.