Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sarah Palin

OK, everyone else has weighed in on this. Why do I think Sarah Palin resigned?

I know why I don't think she resigned. It wasn't because she can't take it. If I ever saw fame go to someone's head, it went to hers, when McCain drafted her out of nowhere to be the V.P. candidate. She loved it; she's hooked on the fame drug. I also don't believe that anyone whose school nickname was "Sarah Barracuda" is a sensitive, tender plant who can't take the heat in the kitchen.

I've seen one speculation, on Another Monkey's blog, that she resigned just ahead of a huge, breaking scandal that she couldn't have avoided if still in office. He said that on Tuesday, and it's Thursday, and the scandal still hasn't broken. It still could; but it could also be another conspiracy theory. None of the multifarious ethics investigations has nailed her for anything yet.

So I guess I'll come down in the camp that believes she's setting up for a Presidential run in 2012. Do I think she can win? No - in fact, hell no. But I think she thinks she can.

I noticed one bizarre thing as I listened to her explanation of why she was stepping down. It was all in buzzwords and catch phrases. I didn't hear one single original thought expressed in English. I could actually hear her pausing between phrases. There used to be an Internet game where you could make up sentences by picking buzzwords from columns one, two and three and stringing them together - Google isn't turning it up for me, but it sure sounded as though she'd used it to compose that speech.

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  1. The most obvious thing about the whole affair is the sense of confusion.

    Usually we criticize our politicians because they don't have a clue, or because they've sold out to the highest bidder, or because they're mean-spirited bastards. But with Palin, you wonder what's going on.

    This is really a novel thing. Resign???????? This caring, responsible, socker-mom of a politician is resigning? And she doesn't tell us why.

    Something doesn't compute. We're consternated. And we have every right to be. The "barracuda" has decided to lie harmlessly in its lair?

    Nah. No one believes that.

    And yet....

    Anyway, politicians are supposed to know what they're doing, and to tell it like it is. It's part of "looking statesmanlike" or stateswomanlike.

    This looks suspiciously like a last minute spur of the moment thing. Like it wasn't planned.

    Kind of suspicious, actually. But suspicion isn't what we're supposed to feel about electable wannabes.

    We're supposed to "revere" them.

    Actually, I'd just prefer Sarah to model bathing suits. I think she'd be better at that than running the PTA.